Call for trailblazers in business

Belfast Design Week 2018


In 2018 the Service Design programme in Belfast Design Week will continue in the vein of last year; to be grounded in the needs of businesses in the city of Belfast. Exposing them to innovative up-to-date practices of larger cities (like service design) to deal with competition, increasingly discerning customers and a challenging economy. 

To get things going coffeenosugar is putting out a call for trailblazers in business, who would like to use service design to address a problem that they have identified, or help them identify an area hindering their potential. To apply, businesses must fill out the form below by April 30th. All applications will be considered, but a shortlist of three will be selected and notified by late May. As the project will take place across six months, costs will apply but in the spirit of Belfast Design Week, they will be kept minimal to ensure the programme is accessible to all. 

All three successful projects will be showcased in Belfast Design Week in November 2018.  

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