Service Design Jam, 2018

The mini-micro-relay Service Design Jam took place during Belfast Design Week 2017. The objective was threefold; to bring global initiatives like the Jam to Belfast, to facilitate a design culture that's for everyone, and to bring people together to work on a challenge affecting daily life in our city. We also made it as accessible as possible by creating a Belfast centric version with our mini-micro & relay format, allowing people to contribute in a relay style, or join for the entire session. This year we want to co-design the jam with you. 

The following form has been created so you can give us your suggestions and ideas about what you think might work best for you, and for Belfast to make the Jam happen. You can also just get in touch with us directly with your thoughts and comments. Please reach out to us however you can and help us co-design an amazing 2018 version, so that we can join other great international cities who excel in this exciting initiative.  

 Have your say, everyone’s opinion matters. We can’t wait to hear from you. 

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