12-13 Shaftesbury Square User Group Call Out



Since it’s inception, 12-13 Shaftesbury Square has sought to support & amplify the vibrancy of Belfast's independent arts sector. Bringing together audiences & artists to support one another and build a more enriched community for everyone. Not quite a year in, great things have happened and now we want to understand how the experience has been for you. As a service provider, we are always looking at the practical aspects but we cannot experience it as you an audience member will, so we’re putting a call out for you to help us see and understand your experience through your eyes. 

There will be many stages to this process, but first things first, we are looking for a group of dedicated persons who will give a couple of hours each week over a period of six weeks, to help us understand exactly what that experience is, how we can improve it, and what is good that you’d like to us to keep doing. 

Fill in the following form to be in with the chance to be on the user group by March 30th, and have your say. We will be in touch in early April and we will get things underway then with lots of discussions and exercises and of course teas, coffee and our very own house cake.