95% of all customer decisions are emotional

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Service Design is the established discipline in Mainland Europe (of which human experience design is a fundamental part) to help businesses navigate the shift from a product to experience economy. New to Northern Ireland, and relatively new in the UK, it's popularity is increasing significantly as businesses realise that the hard work of running a business isn't enough to produce customers. 

In today’s economy product is only a small part of their overall customer offer. Experience carries significant weight. Therefore, understanding the customer mindset, their behaviours and motivations, instead of guessing what they might need, think or want, is imperative to staying current.

coffeenosugar focuses on the customer of the business to understand what they do, think, say and feel. Capturing the underlying motivations and drivers to behaviour. Business is all about people and relationships, and today customers expect the kind of relationship that they can depend upon and trust. Loyalty still remains, but it is not as it has been traditionally understood.

We are available for short-term service-design contracts to help you understand your customers experience. 

Get in touch to find out more, or to share your business concerns, by sending an email to: info@coffeenosugar.co.uk